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Lori's Passion

Lori’s passion is to educate her clients on how to be self sufficient in their most frizz-free curl in all climates.

About us
2008: Lori Lambert Sandshaw

Open for Business in Vermont

Lori opened her first Salon in Morrisville, VT in 2008, and second salon, Salon One Curl Clinic, in Williston, VT. Her successful techniques and consultations drew clients from Vermont, New Hampshire and even a few die hards from Connecticut. 

Lori still flies back to Vermont every few months to continue her curl services with her dedicated clients. 

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Lori when she is working in Vermont, please click here for booking. 


2017:Rocky Mountain Curls,Inc.

Welcome Rocky Mountain Curls, Inc.

Mom, Stylist, Salon owner, and Educator, Lori realized there were bigger adventures and opportunities for her and her son Silas out in the world. And Colorado was the perfect fit. They moved in 2015 and are so glad they made the move.

Lori worked hard to open her new salon, Rocky Mountain Curls, Inc. It wasn't long, and word of mouth traveled far and wide. Centrally located in Dillon, Colorado Lori now services clients as far away as Los Angeles and Wyoming to New Mexico and all curly heads in between. 

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Lori when she is working in Colorado, please click here for booking. 

Education, Educator & Stylist

Level 3 Deva Certified Stylist

Education, Educator

Lori is a Level 3 Deva Certified Stylist, a stylist that has reached the highest level of curl expertise offered through DevaCurl academy and has passed a technical evaluation and written exam.

Curly Hair Artistry


Lori was a valued Educator and member of Curly Hair Artistry, a group of top curl specialists that teaches the Art, Methods, & Techniques and Business of working with all types of waves, curls, coils & multicultural hair. 

Pintura Coloring Specialist


Lori is educated and well versed in the Pintura Highlighting and Grey Blending color method, which she colors curl by curl. Not only transforming your texture, but your color as well. 

Lori's certifications and recognitions

  • Devacurl:

    Certified Level 3 Devacurl Stylist

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