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Curls run the world


RMC Services

  • First Cut with Lori (Please read below!)
    $110 and up
  • RMC Maintenance Cut (Dry Only)
    $85 - 1 Hour
  • Regular Cut (Straight Hair)
    $85 - 1 Hour
  • Color - Roots
  • Full Head Color
    $100 and Up
  • PIntura Highlighting
    $65 and Up
  • Olaplex Stand Alone Treatments
    $45 - 1 Hour
  • Men's Curly Cuts
    $85 1st Cut/ $65 Maintenance

10 Point Curl Analysis


Lori will thoroughly diagnose and discuss your curl structure.

RMC Curl Cut, Detox & Treatment


Lori's Custom Dry Curl Cut followed by a Detox and Hydration Service that will transform you into a Rocky Mountain Curl devotee in the first visit. 

First Curl Cut with Lori

Your very first cut with Rocky Mountain Curls is truly inspirational. Lori will take you through a 10 Point Curl Analysis. With Lori’s thorough consultation she will have you share every detail of of your current hair routine. Lori will then treat your hair to a Curl Cut that will bring bounce to your tresses. Followed by a Deva No Poo Transformational Service. During the entire service Lori will educate you on your particular curls. Lori will also share with you, which ingredients are good and which ingredients are bad for your curls. Through-out the entire process Lori will be teaching you techniques that you can do on your own to create your perfect curl.

Important to know! Your very first Curl Cut with Lori you must come in with your hair down and curly. Please no barrette marks, no ponytail marks, etc. 

RMC Maintenance Cut

Maintenance cuts are dry cuts only. And some hairstyles don't just happen with one cut, curls can take months to establish themselves. Your dream curls may require some growth and shaping. After your first Rocky Mountain Curl Cut Lori works to shape and maintain your desired style and growth.

RMC Maintenance Cut

Follow-up Instruction

RMC Maintenance Cut

There are many systems and tips Lori shares with every client each time they are in her chair. 

PIntura Highlighting

Curly Hair Highlights

The perfect color technique for curly hair as it delicately adds color and dimension. 


Wavy Hair Shrinkage

Wavy hair can shrink up to 5%
of true length.



Curly Hair Shrinkage

Curly hair can shrink up to 30%
of true length.


Coily Hair Shrinkage

Coily hair can shrink up to 75 percent 
of true length.

Pintura Highlighting & Grey Blending

Pintura is a highlighting technique, wildly popular with curly hair clients for its delicate nature and dimension-supplying color. Pintura refers to the process of painting each curl individually. The technique was born at Devachan Salon nearly 20 years ago, and is exclusive to Deva stylists. Lucky for us Lori is a Deva certified master in Pintura Color.

Lori has mastered the Pintura Technique for grey coverage, blurring the lines of demarcation, increasing the time between touch-ups.


Repair all types of hair

Olaplex treatments provide strength, and can repair most types of hair.

Deva Curl

Bounce Back

Deva Curl Treatments bring the bounce back into your curls. 


Lori offers a variety of treatment types that focus specifically on your hair needs: preventative, restorative, or re-balancing. Benefits include softer, shinier, easier to manage curls.


Curly Hairs

Average Head - 120,000 Hairs
Curly Head - 100,000 Hairs



Curly Hair Growth

Curly hair grows
6" inches a year.


Growing Phase

90% of curls are in a
growing phase, remaining 10%
are in a resting phase.